Friday, September 17, 2010

Review: Basin Bath Bombs

Product's website description: "Drop a bath bomb into a warm bath and relax as it fizzes and dissolves. Our bath bombs release all-natural essential oils and fragrances, transforming your bath from ordinary to extraordinary." [website]

Purchased: Bath Bomb Barrel (5 Medium Size)

Price: $20 for barrel, almost $5 for each bath bomb

Review: 4 stars (Couldn't give it a 5 b/c of price & location)

If I was a millionaire, I would go to this store every month. Instead, I usually only go around gift-giving times.

I LOVE taking a nice, hot bath to relax. When I first discovered this store, which is only at Downtown Disney, I couldn't resist buying some despite the price because of just how good the store smelled. It's like when you walk by The Body Shop and they've got the oils going. Mmmm, smells so good.

But $20 for 5 bath bombs? Why couldn't I just get a $5 bubble bath from Wal-Mart? Answer: Because I've never found a bath product to replicate the same intoxicating smell as even my least favorite bath bomb. My skin feels super soft after using these too.

Just writing this review makes me want to go drive out there tomorrow to pick some up, but I must refrain from doing so. You can order online too, but I never have.

Tip #1: Don't bother with the Hidden Treasures bath bombs. They suck. It's just a sponge heart/dinosaur/Mickey. I really don't see kids using a bath bomb, so its appeal is lost to adults.

Tip #2: Buy the medium sized bath bombs and then crack them in half while inside a ziploc bag (or else you're going to make a powdery mess). There is a big enough price gap to warrant saving a couple cents by buying the smaller bath bombs.


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