Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: Yes to Carrots/Cucumbers

Product's website description: Carrots: "Nourishing - Perfect for skin that needs a bit of moisture." Cucumbers: "Soothing - Perfect for skin that needs a gentle touch." [website]

Purchased: Yes to Carrots Can You C Me Eye & Face Makeup Remover ($9.99), Yes to Cucumbers Facial Starter Kit ($19.99), Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Mask ($14.99)

Review: 1 Star

I really wanted to like this brand because it's made with natural products.  The problem is that my skin didn't share the same excitement for the "Yes To" products.

The carrot makeup remover left residual makeup on my face, even though I used my scrublet to make sure that I was getting deep in there.  I also used the cucumber facial cleansing gel to make sure it was extra clean before I used toner.  Given that I used two different cleansing agents, I did not expect to see as much makeup as there was on my toner soaked cotton ball. Fail!

Ironically, my skin turned bright red as soon as I used the cucumber facial cleansing gel. The cucumber line is supposed to cater to those with sensitive skin who are prone to having redness caused by beauty products, which is exactly what happened to me using their products. I felt left down because I was expecting great things from this brand. I would have ignored the redness as temporary side effect if it left my skin feeling glorious, but sadly it just felt itchy.

Because of my disappointment in the first two products I tried, I didn't even bother to try the rest of the products that I purchased...I don't think my skin could have handled it.  I wouldn't mind trying their hair products, but I'll pass on their skin care line.


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