Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review: CVS Bow Headband

Product's website description: None [website - not available on website]

Color Purchased: one in Black and one in Brown

Price: Bought these in a pack of 4 with the black and brown in separate packs, mixed with plain headbands. Purchased with a buy one get one 1/2 off promotion. I spent probably $5 to get 8 headbands but the ones with bows are the main reason I got these.

Review: 5 Stars

I heart headbands. Mostly because I have a cowlick so my side-swept bangs are unmanageable at times without a headband.  When I saw these bow headbands, I knew I had to have them, especially since there was a sale going on.  The headbands are nice and soft so I don't get a headache wearing them, even after a whole day at work. The bows make me feel like Blair from "Gossip Girl," but I think adds a nice touch to any outfit. If they had these in every color, I probably would have bought them all.
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