Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: L'oreal Paris Go 360 Clean With Scrublet

Product's website description: "The Deep Cream cleanser is a soap-free creamy, foaming cleanser, which removes impurities to leave skin feeling both clean and comfortable" [website] 

Purchased: Deep Cream Cleanser

Price: $6.99

Review: 1 Star

I am on the search for my HG (holy grail) face wash and have not been able to find even a half decent one.  I have had good skin all of my life until recently.  Now that I've hit the big 3-0 (ha!), all of a sudden my skin wants to react weirdly to certain products.

When I first purchased this item, I thought I found what I'd been searching for. My skin felt oh-so-soft and I loved the idea of the scrublet (it even goes tucked into a hole in the bottle).  With the scrublet, I could see really see all the makeup coming off my skin before it went down the drain.  The day after I used this, I even told my boyfriend to touch my skin to see how soft it was.

Dum, dum, dum... Then a huge problem occurred in the form of zits popping up all over my cheeks and chin after a week of using it. I had a worse reaction to this than I've had to any other face product (I'm looking at you Neutrogena Advanced Systems & Yes to Cucumbers).

My boyfriend is now the proud owner of 2 Go 360 Cleans since I had bought him one at the same time.  Since most of his face is covered by a beard, he hasn't had the same side effects as I did, so I gave him mine as a backup.

At this rate, I might as well fall asleep with my makeup on since washing my face is apparently driving my skin crazy. All kidding aside, I ordered Paula's Choice skin care system online yesterday, so we'll see if I have better luck with that.


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